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So much of the early dietary guidelines were driven by government in conjunction with business it’s frightening. There is much information available on the internet so would encourage you to look into this. There is a wealth of information available these days on diet and health. Nutrition knowledge has increased a lot since the 1970’s when our diet took a plunge off a cliff due to wishful thinking and a leap of faith in the ‘powers that be’ with regard

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managing type 2 diabetes

Recipe Makeovers

This is the main part of our site. One of the most frustrating thing when you change your diet is the list of foods and meals you enjoy but no longer choose to eat because of your new lifestyle. For example there are many different types of flours that can be used in combination or with various gums so they work like wheat flour. There are also a number of natural sugar substitutes available. The internet is your friend here

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Not just a recipe site!

I have had an interest in cooking and recipes for many years. My mother-in-law taught me how to cook and gave me a lifelong interest in cooking.

In 2015, my husband and I decided after much research to switch our diet from the typical Australian diet and we adopted a new ketogenic lifestyle.

Our goal for this site is to provide some education and resources for this lifestyle but also to re-invent old recipes that were unhealthy to make them more healthy and more friendly to maintaining a state of nutritional ketosis.

We hope you enjoy these and that they lead you and your family to a healthier you!

I will list and review some books I found interesting and helpful in my journey with direct links on Amazon and The Book Depository to purchase if you wish.

Enjoy reading my site and feel free to contact me or follow me on Facebook or Twitter.