About Us

LCHF strawberry dessertI have been cooking for my family for over 30 years & have long been a fan of home cooking & making food from scratch rather than using processed food or store-bought pre-prepared meals. I believe that you can feed your family healthy food on a budget. It may take some extra time on occasion but the benefit of knowing where the meal came from & the conditions it was prepared under will more than compensate for that. Having said that, I would describe myself as a bit of a lazy cook so if you are time-poor, I think you will find some recipes here to help you.

About 3 years ago, my husband David went on a bit of a quest to lose some weight and discovered low-carb eating. We also have 2 adult sons who were diagnosed as type 1 diabetics in their early 20s and he researched that a low-carb diet would help in the management of their condition.

As a result of his research, we totally changed our diet to low-carb/high fat or a ketogenic diet. My husband lost over 25 kg eating this way & our blood test results had a dramatic improvement. I’m one of those annoying people who can eat pretty much anything & not put on weight (but had noticed a slight change in this since turning 50) I still feel I have benefitted from this change in diet & my blood test results were very pleasing to my doctor. Neither of us get sick either & cannot remember the last time we had to take a day off work due to illness.

I do not proclaim to have any medical or dietary knowledge or training so would suggest you consult your healthcare professional before embarking on this type of drastic change to your diet.

About the recipes

So the biggest challenge for me (and this is ongoing!) was to convert some of our family favourite recipes to the Keto way.

Also counting the carbs on the ingredients so we could keep to under 10g of carbs per serve was a hassle to be honest but worth it to see the results in the slimmer version of David 😉 & to hear him get so many comments about his weight loss.

You will also find that different brands of the same thing can vary considerably in their carb content, weird I know when the ingredients are similar! So I would strongly suggest you check the label of any supermarket ingredients you buy & compare brands & go for the one with the lowest carbs, particularly sugars.

Sugar….. or not !!

I do not use refined sugar in any of these recipes. There are a few natural sugar substitutes that have no carbs – Stevia (which goes by a few different brand names), Xylitol & Erythritol (these are both sugar alcohols). Look for organic non-GMO brands of these.

These products can cause ‘tummy issues’ for some people so be aware of this & you may find that you have less of these issues with one type of sugar substitute compared to another.

Some of these can be used 1:1 to replace the same measure of sugar in a recipe. We have been able to purchase a concentrated form of Stevia which you only use 10% of the same amount of sugar. For example, if a recipe says to use 100g of sweetener, only 10g of Stevia concentrate is required.

We have found buying this online is by far the cheapest way. We also buy Xylitol in bulk & store in 1kg snap lock bags.