Low Carb Sugar Free Cooking

LCHF strawberry dessert

A note about natural sugar substitutes Disclaimer: The information in this article does not constitute advice of ANY kind. I would encourage everyone do do their own research on the internet & books by people such as David Gillespie, Sarah Gilbert ?? If you are anything like me, you probably didn’t know that such a thing existed as a natural sugar substitute. I’m sure you have all heard of saccharine, sorbitol & aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. These have been

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Chocolate Muffins

chocolate muffins

These delicious keto chocolate muffins taste great on their own or warmed up and served with a dollop of double cream. Makes about 9 , 3g carbs per muffin. Chocolate Muffins Amount Ingredient Carbs 3 large eggs lightly whisked together 0g ½ cup/4fl oz almond milk (unsweetened) or water 1.5g 1 tspn vanilla extract 0g 100g/3oz almond meal 4g 40g/1 1/3 oz coconut flour 23g 30g/1oz cacao powder 15g Natural sugar substitute equivalent to ¼ cup sugar 0g 2 tspn

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Wheat free, Gluten free, Sugar free Chocolate Brownie

keto chocolate brownie

Makes 18, 5.3g carbs each Wheat free, Gluten free, Sugar free Chocolate Brownie Amount Ingredient Carbs 125g unsalted butter 0g 200g dark choc (I use 85% cocoa) 41g Natural sugar substitute equivalent to 1cup of sugar *** see note below 0g 1 tspn vanilla extract 0g 4 eggs 1g 250g packet of ready-to-eat baby beetroot drained 13g ½ cup almond meal 4g ¼ cup coconut flour 20g ¼ cup flaxseed meal 0g 1/3 cup cocoa 7g ½ tspn baking powder

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Blueberry Muffins

blueberry muffins

Makes about 12 , 4g carbs per muffin. Blueberry Muffins Amount Ingredient Carbs 180g/6oz almond flour 7g 30g/1oz ground chia seeds 13g 30g/1oz egg white powder 1.5g ½ tspn salt 0g 3 tspn baking powder 7.5g Natural sugar substitute equivalent to 85g sugar 0g 1 tspn guar gum 0g 125g/4oz fresh or thawed frozen blueberries (drained) 13g 1 egg 1g 2 tspn vanilla extract 1g 180ml/6fl oz coconut milk 2g Total Carbs 46g Pre heat oven to 325°F/160°C Either spray

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How to manage type 2 diabetes with diet

low carb desert ideas

My relationship with food over the years has been a difficult one. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. My annual doctors’ blood tests had invariably resulted in my being sent for further tests (a Glucose Tolerance Test) and even though the doctor never specifically said it, the writing was on the wall. I had Type 2 diabetes in my future if I didn’t take immediate action. This realisation and a chance remark I heard at a

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