Chilli Chicken on Cauliflower Rice

chilli chicken on cauliflower rice

This is an awesome hot and spicy chicken dish in a Chinese style. This one is a family favourite for us here.

Serves 4, 12g carbs per serve depending on serve size!

Chilli Chicken on Cauliflower Rice
Amount Ingredient Carbs
500g chicken breast fillets 0g
4 eschallots 20g
coconut flour for dusting 20g
extra virgin olive oil 0g
Part A
Amount Ingredient Carbs
1/2 tbspn tomato sauce (low/no sugar if possible) 2g
1/2 tbspn hot chilli sauce ( or sweet chilli if u prefer not too hot) 0g
1/2 tbspn arrowroot or glucamannon (konjac) powder 0g
Equivalent of natural sugar replacement to 1 tbspn sugar 0g
1 tbspn white vinegar 0g
1/2 tbspn  dry sherry 0g
1/2 tbspn salt 0g
1/4 cup water 0g
Part B
Amount Ingredient Carbs
1/2 tbspn light soy sauce 2g
1/2 tbspn white vinegar 0g
1/2 tspn of equivalent natural sugar replacement 0g
1 clove of garlic crushed 1g
1 hot chilli 4g
Total Carbs 49g

The carb count is a bit rubbery but is a reasonable estimate.

Preheat oven to 350F/180C

Place an oven proof cooling rack on a baking tray Cut chicken into 2.5cm/1in cubes & put in a bowl. Sprinkle with oil until just coated.

Put some coconut flour in another bowl and using tongs put each piece of chicken into coconut flour to coat & shake off any excess.

Place chicken pieces on rack. Repeat with other chicken pieces.

Place rack on top of baking tray & bake in oven until chicken cooked & just starting to lightly brown….approx 1/2 hr, turning halfway through.

Meanwhile place all ingredients for Part A in a microwave-proof bowl & mix together. Heat on high for 1 minute intervals, stirring after each minute, until sauce thickens.

Mix ingredients for Part B in a small container.

When chicken cooked & other sauces made, Heat a wok or large saucepan over high heat. Add 1tbspn oil & swirl around wok/ pan.

Add shallots & stir fry for 10 seconds. Add chicken pieces & mix quickly to combine.

Add Part A sauce & stir well. Add part B sauce & mix well to combine.

Pour onto a serving plate plate & enjoy with Cauliflower rice.

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