How to control type 2 diabetes without medication

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So Tom Naughton and Williams Davis started our journey but it wasn’t long before we found Gary Taubes, both through Youtube and his excellent books. Here is one of his many videos on youtube.

It’s worth mentioning as well Tom Naughton’s movie Fathead which we also watched. You can buy Fathead here and support Tom’s work and find lots more great resources.

I have read three of Gary’s books. You can purchase these from Amazon by clicking on the cover or The Book Depository by following the links.


Book Link
Why we get fat and what to do about it
Why we get fat at The Book Depository.
Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health
Good Calories, Bad Calories at The Book Depository
The Case Against Sugar
The Case Against Sugar at The Book Depository

I found Gary’s books riveting. They just resonated with a lot of the things I was having difficulty understanding. We had two of our sons that had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (meaning they were insulin dependent and had to inject insulin and test their blood multiple times every day.) Both of them were in their 20’s when diagnosed and suddenly started losing weight rapidly, going to the toilet multiple times during the night and always drinking water. We didn’t have any history of diabetes in our families.

The dietary advice they were given was that carbohydrates needed to form the major part of their diet and that they should calculate how many carbs they were consuming and then use that to calculate how much insulin to inject to avoid blood sugar lows or highs. Now I’ll just let that sink in for you for a moment. Remember I am not offering ANY medical advice here¬† you need to consult your own doctor about your diet and take advice from medical professionals.

Suffice to say, personally I could not reconcile this advice with common sense. Carbohydrates are the very thing that causes your blood sugar to rise and you then take medication to counter that! That is just plain insane to me. Around this time I also was looking at Diabetes books (as you do when you have diabetics in the family) and I was blessed to find Dr Richard Bernstein. Dr Bernstein as of today is 83 years old and has been a type 1 diabetic since he was 12. There is so much I could write and say about him but I recommend any diabetic to check him out and his story. He has written 2 great books. One of the things he wrote that has really stuck with me is “at some point every diabetic will come to the point where they wonder ‘I wonder what would happen if I didn’t eat carbs'” That was a lightbulb moment for me.

Dr Bernstein also widely writes about what he calls the ‘law of small numbers’. His whole approach is to minimise carbohydrate intake to around 20g per day. Doing that means he has to use very little insulin. He also writes that the larger the dose of insulin people inject, the more unpredictable it’s effect. So many diabetics end up on a roller coaster with their blood sugar, either eating too many carbs and injecting large doses of insulin which is not absorbed properly or injecting too much insulin and ending up with low blood sugar – a hypo. Anyway, it’s way beyond the scope of this article. If you are diabetic, either type 1 or type 2, you should read his book. Diabetes is a degenerative disease and if you are able to normalise your blood sugar so it is not swinging low or high you just might manage to avoid some of the long term effects of diabetes such as blindness, impotence and nerve damage leading to limb amputation. It’s your funeral!

Book Link
The Diabetes Solution
Dr Bernsteins Diabetes Solution at The Book Depository
The Diabetes Diet
The Diabetes Diet at The Book Depository

Back to Taubes.

In addition to his promotion of an Atkins style low carbohydrate diet, it was my introduction to the whole nutritional debacle starting with the McGovern committee and Ancel Keys. That’s the subject of the next post.

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