How to manage type 2 diabetes with diet

grain free sugar free recipesMy relationship with food over the years has been a difficult one. I have struggled with my weight all my adult life. My annual doctors’ blood tests had invariably resulted in my being sent for further tests (a Glucose Tolerance Test) and even though the doctor never specifically said it, the writing was on the wall. I had Type 2 diabetes in my future if I didn’t take immediate action.

This realisation and a chance remark I heard at a health talk given by Philip Day lead me down the rabbit hole of diet and health and challenged not only everything I believed but everything I had been taught and the ‘conventional wisdom’ of what healthy eating was.

Philip had mentioned in this talk that there was one food he had told someone not to eat. Can you guess what it was? Wheat. I was intrigued with this particularly seeing that ‘healthy grains’ were the basis of the food pyramid and dietary guidelines promoted by governments all over the world.

Philips website in turn lead me to the first of many resources I have read/watched and found invaluable in the last few years.

First is a video by Tom Naughton you Youtube.

It goes for 45 minutes but is an excellent introduction. The second resource was the book by Dr William Davis, Wheat Belly.

Click on the cover to purchase from Amazon or click here to buy from The Book Depository.





Once I read that it started me on my journey.

Fast forward to today and our children have all grown up and left home and it is just the two of us. We are both now on this LIFESTYLE and have lost significant weight (30kg) and cm’s around the middle (20 cm) all without really feeling deprived or hard done by.

From all of the research we have done, the Ketogenic diet seems to work best for us. We try and limit our carbohydrate intake to less than 50g per day, avoid all grains and sugar. This has meant we have had to dramatically change our diet and also to find great things to eat that substitute for the old unhealthy things we used to eat. That is what this website is all about. Substituting higher quality food for things that were not helping us.

This was just the start of our education. See our next article here to continue.

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