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This is the next article in our series following on from How to control type 2 diabetes without medication.

While Taubes and Naughton introduced me to the whole concept of insulin resistance and food politics, the seminal work on food politics has got to be from Nina Teischolz.

A couple of youtube videos from Nina to start us off here.

Nina wrote a great book called ‘The Big Fat Surprise” This book is perhaps one of the best books I have read that analyses all the popular diets and the dodgy research supporting them starting with the dogiest start Ancel Keys who cherry picked data to ‘prove’ his hypothesis that saturated fat in the diet was bad and was the cause of coronary heart disease. This fraudulent study (the 7 countries study which ignored the original 22 countries because they didn’t support his foregone conclusion.) this ‘study’ was used as support by the McGovern commission however it’s probably unfair to blame Keys as there were also political reasons why the Nixon government wanted to prop up the agriculture industry at that time. Nevertheless, the results of this experiment with health of pretty much all first world countries has been a disaster with diabetes, heart disease and obesity being endemic and growing since the 1980’s when the food pyramid started demonising fat and promoting ‘healthy whole grains’. There is a reason why the US Department of AGRICULTURE promoted those guidelines.

The resultant low-fat craze which I along with many of you I’m sure got caught up in has not made us healthier it’s just made us sicker and fatter. Around the time of Keys promoting the fat demonisation, there was a British researcher John Yudkin who proposed an alternate hypothesis for the heart disease epidemic – sugar. Keys however had the political muscle to silence all opposition and since that time the bullying of people promoting a different view has been incredible – loss of research funding, vilification, persecution has been the order of the day.

Unfortunately, when fat was removed from food to make it low-fat, the fat had to be replaced with something. Unfortunately that something was SUGAR. If you go into your supermarket, look for anything that is said to be low fat and read the label on the back. You will find the sugar content of these foods will often be greater than 50%. You do have to hand it to the food industry though. The government started demonising fat and pushing low fat and the food industry started supplying the product!

Now that people like Robert Lustig who has taken up the mantle of John Yudkin (now sadly deceased) and people like Nina Teicholz promoting meats and fats as not being the villains they have been painted to be, suddenly full fat foods are starting to make a comeback. Food companies are making things with less sugar. However, like the tobacco industry before them, don’t expect the sugar giants to go down without a fight.

If you want to be eating healthy food, if you are insulin resistant (and practically everyone who is fat is insulin resistant) then the very best thing you can do is eat food that has not been processed at all – no manufactured food. Buy fresh vegetables and meats that have minimal processing. Whole foods. For us, we decided to avoid anything with wheat and sugar. That doesn’t sound like much however if you go into your supermarket and start reading the labels on food, you will discover very quickly that there is not very much processed food you can buy that does not contain wheat or more than 5g/100g of sugars. If you are insulin resistant, you will find that a LCHF (low carb healthy/high fat) diet will enable you to get control of your weight. We prefer to use saturated fats like Lard or Butter and also use some mono unsaturated fats like olive oil. There is a not to not like about polyunsaturated seed oils but that is another subject.

Ok – I’m going to post some of these resources here for you if you want some extra reading.

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