Liqueur Mousse Dessert

This Liqueur Mousse is really light but with a full flavour, tastes great on it’s own or served with a dollop of double cream.

Liqueur Mousse Dessert

Makes about 10-12 , 7-6g carbs per serve.

Liqueur Mousse Dessert
Amount Ingredient Carbs
I tbspn gelatine powder nil
¼ cup/2 fl oz water nil
4 large egg yolks neg
Natural sugar substitute equivalent to ½ cup sugar nil
½ cup/4 fl oz liqueur of choice** 50g
600 ml/1 pint thickened cream 35% fat (whipped) 21g
Total Carbs 71g

In a small bowl/cup soften the gelatine in the water. Place this bowl/cup in a larger bowl with hot water in it & stir gelatine mixture until dissolved.

Beat egg yolks & natural sugar substitute in a large bowl until creamy. Add gelatine mixture & liqueur & mix well. Lightly fold in cream & mix until combined.

Pour mixture into dessert dishes/ramekins, cover & refrigerate several hours or overnight.

**Note re liqueurs.
These vary in amount of carbs & in recipe above I have used the average amount of carbs in
120 ml/4 fl oz of Kahlua or Grand Marnier or Crème de menthe.

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