Pork Balls with Mushrooms

pork meatballs with mushrooms and vegetables

Serves 2-3, 3g-5g per serve

Pork Balls with Mushrooms
Amount Ingredient Carbs
500g minced pork 0g
1 egg lightly beaten 1g
½ tspn each of thyme & oregano 0g
25g almond meal 2g
40g flaxseed meal 0g
1tspn French mustard 0g
200g sliced mushrooms 0g
¼ cup dry white wine 1g
¼ cup chicken stock 0g
½ cup sour cream 7g
Total Carbs 11g

Mix pork, egg, spices, almond/flax, mustard together in mixing bowl. Shape into 4cm balls.

Heat 30g butter & 1tbspn olive oil in large fry-pan over moderately high heat.

Cook meatballs until browned on all sides..about 5-7 mins.

Reduce heat to low & add mushies & cook for 2 mins

Add wine & stock & simmer uncovered for 10 mins.

Blend in the sour cream & gently simmer about 3-5 mins until meatballs cooked through.

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