Recipe Makeovers

managing type 2 diabetesThis is the main part of our site. One of the most frustrating thing when you change your diet is the list of foods and meals you enjoy but no longer choose to eat because of your new lifestyle.

For example there are many different types of flours that can be used in combination or with various gums so they work like wheat flour. There are also a number of natural sugar substitutes available. The internet is your friend here or you may have a local organic food shop you can support.

We think this is one of the primary reasons why change fails and we go back to our old ways. If you enjoy certain foods then there are almost always healthy substitutes for those foods.

I have included an estimated carb count in the recipes as well but I do find that different brands of the same thing can vary so always check the labels.

For flours etc, I have used weights rather than cup measures as this is more accurate.

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