Cauliflower Rice

cauliflower rice

160g/5.5 oz cauliflower florets per person, 4g carbs per serve. (It is best not to use the thicker stalk UNLESS you like a stronger cauliflower flavour. This will depend on personal preference & the dish you are serving it with) Process florets in a food processor using the finer grating disc until it looks like rice. Place in a microwave container with a little water & cover with lid. Cook on high for 5 minutes (time will vary depending on

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Chilli Chicken on Cauliflower Rice

chilli chicken on cauliflower rice

This is an awesome hot and spicy chicken dish in a Chinese style. This one is a family favourite for us here. Serves 4, 12g carbs per serve depending on serve size! Chilli Chicken on Cauliflower Rice Amount Ingredient Carbs 500g chicken breast fillets 0g 4 eschallots 20g coconut flour for dusting 20g extra virgin olive oil 0g Part A Amount Ingredient Carbs 1/2 tbspn tomato sauce (low/no sugar if possible) 2g 1/2 tbspn hot chilli sauce ( or sweet

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Pork Spare Ribs on Cauliflower Rice

pork spare ribs

This is another family favourite & smells amazing while it is cooking & tastes just as good. Serve with Cauli rice or veges or salad Makes about 2 serves, 13g carbs per serve. Pork Spare Ribs on Cauliflower Rice Amount Ingredient Carbs 4 pork spare ribs/rashers nil 2 cloves garlic 1g 1 tbspn fresh ginger finely chopped 0.5g 30ml reduced sugar tomato sauce **see note 0g 20ml honey 20g 10ml dry sherry neg 1 tspn hot chilli sauce 2g 1

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