Chilli Chicken on Cauliflower Rice

chilli chicken on cauliflower rice

This is an awesome hot and spicy chicken dish in a Chinese style. This one is a family favourite for us here. Serves 4, 12g carbs per serve depending on serve size! Chilli Chicken on Cauliflower Rice Amount Ingredient Carbs 500g chicken breast fillets 0g 4 eschallots 20g coconut flour for dusting 20g extra virgin olive oil 0g Part A Amount Ingredient Carbs 1/2 tbspn tomato sauce (low/no sugar if possible) 2g 1/2 tbspn hot chilli sauce ( or sweet

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Home Made Keto Strawberry Jam

home made keto strawberry jam

Serves a lot!,1g carbs per serve depending on serve size! Strawberry Jam Amount Ingredient Carbs 500g strawberries washed, hulled and quartered 40g 50g natural sugar substitute (Xylitol) 0g 1/4-1/2 tspn glucomannen (konjac) powder 0g 1 glass jar 200-300ml capacity 0g Total Carbs 15g Place strawberries into a small -medium saucepan & add sugar substitute. Mix well Cover pan & Heat on stove on low heat until berries start to break down. Continue to heat on a gentle simmer until reduced

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Keto Hash Browns

keto hash browns

These hash browns taste great and don’t contain too many carbs! Serves 6, 2.5g carbs per serve Keto Hash Browns Amount Ingredient Carbs 100 g/3oz peeled & coarsely grated orange sweet potato 15g 50g grated tasty cheese 0g 12 sprigs fresh chives 0g 2 large eggs lightly beaten 0g Total Carbs 15g Preheat an electric frypan on low-med heat Mix potato, cheese & chives together with a fork until well combined. Add eggs & mix well   Spoon tablespoons full

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Mozzarella stuffed chicken breast

mozzarella stuffed chicken breast

A simple but classy meal for family and friends Serves 4, 8g carbs per serve Mozzarella stuffed chicken breast Amount Ingredient Carbs 4 half chicken breast fillets around 200g each 0g 1/2 cup approx tomato paste 25g dried mixed herbs 0g 250g/8oz mozzarella cheese 8g Total Carbs 33g Line 2 baking trays with non-stick baking paper. Pre-heat oven to 189°C/350°F With a sharp, pointy knife cut deep slits crossways about 2cm/1in apart on each chicken breast. Put 2 breasts onto

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