Pork Scallopini with Mushroom Sauce

pork scallopini

Add a touch of class to mid-week eating with this tasty meal. The combination of thyme, mushroom & mustard is delicious. Serves 2, 13g carbs/serve Pork Scallopini with Mushroom Sauce Amount Ingredient Carbs 400g Pork schnitzel/very thin pork steaks 0g ¼ cup/1oz coconut flour for dusting** 20g 1 tbspn olive oil 0g 20 g butter 0g 200g mushrooms sliced 0g 2 tspn wholegrain mustard 0g 200 ml/2/3 cup thickened cream 6g Total Carbs  26g Place coconut flour on a dinner

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Pork Fillet with Hoisin Sauce

pork fillet hoisin sauce

A quick & easy & tasty meal. Serve with salad or stir-fry veges Serves 2, 5g per serve Pork Fillet with Hoisin Sauce Amount Ingredient Carbs 1 piece around 400g pork fillet 0g 1 tbspn hoisin sauce 10g Total Carbs 10g Preheat oven to 180°C Place pork fillet in an ovenproof dish & spread hoisin sauce over. Cover dish & put back in oven 15 mins Remove from oven, turn fillet over & baste with juice & bake another 10

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Pork Balls with Mushrooms

pork meatballs with mushrooms and vegetables

Serves 2-3, 3g-5g per serve Pork Balls with Mushrooms Amount Ingredient Carbs 500g minced pork 0g 1 egg lightly beaten 1g ½ tspn each of thyme & oregano 0g 25g almond meal 2g **OR** 40g flaxseed meal 0g 1tspn French mustard 0g 200g sliced mushrooms 0g ¼ cup dry white wine 1g ¼ cup chicken stock 0g ½ cup sour cream 7g Total Carbs 11g Mix pork, egg, spices, almond/flax, mustard together in mixing bowl. Shape into 4cm balls. Heat

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Pork Spare Ribs on Cauliflower Rice

pork spare ribs

This is another family favourite & smells amazing while it is cooking & tastes just as good. Serve with Cauli rice or veges or salad Makes about 2 serves, 13g carbs per serve. Pork Spare Ribs on Cauliflower Rice Amount Ingredient Carbs 4 pork spare ribs/rashers nil 2 cloves garlic 1g 1 tbspn fresh ginger finely chopped 0.5g 30ml reduced sugar tomato sauce **see note 0g 20ml honey 20g 10ml dry sherry neg 1 tspn hot chilli sauce 2g 1

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